Water & Life

One water source saves generations

Clean water brings life and sustainable development. Safe clean water is one of the vital needs for every individual, a large proportion of people do not have access to it. As they are miles away from proper sanitation facilities which take them close to waterborne and infectious diseases.

World Health Organization in its report has stated that the death rate due to unsafe drinking water is close to one million per year. To fight against global issues like hunger, poverty, and diseases, there’s a serious need to carve strategies aiming at improving these concerns both dramatically and urgently.

Safe water involves many crucial factors such as distance (a major aspect that refers to time spent in collecting water), quantity, and quality, which are important to monitor time-to-time. Talking about the water service coverage area in Africa, it is quite low as compared to world figures.

Going back to the old scenario, water was an individual need, which today has become the whole community’s need. Owed to this reason, meeting the sufficient requirement has become difficult. Shortage of adequate rural water supply and sanitation system is the chief reason why moving towards elimination of poverty and promoting economic prosperity is challenging. As women and children are deprived of safe water, hygiene and sanitation, they get prone to deadly diseases. The consistent increase in the cost of health services is also quite problematic.

According to a survey, women and school-age children, especially girls, have to travel miles to collect water. Due to this, while women don’t get time to earn income, children are not able to attend schools and get an education.

Clean water and hygiene could be made available to people living in rural areas by integrating developed analysis of community priorities into implementation and policymaking. To let everyone get the provision of cleanliness, there is a need to bring development in health education and hygiene promotions.

It is disappointing to know that almost 884 million people don’t have access to clean water. Among this population, approximately 340 million people reside in Africa. Moreover, about 200 million hours, women spend it fetching water, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to water-borne diseases.

Our Plan: Water is Life

Keeping in mind the vital role of water for the rural communities, we have developed a structured plan that aims at the setup, functionality, and sustenance of our planned water projects.

Borehole Drilling:  We are setting up water projects in rural communities across Africa to support more than 1000 people per community. The boreholes have outlets for at least 10 tap heads. To make sure constant power is available to pump water whenever the supply is needed, these are serviced by a solar system.

Community Participation and Inclusion:  To coordinate the usage, maintenance, and sustenance of borehole, we have committees. Apart from this, we train community members (men and women) to handle technical faults that may occur with time.

Come forward to nurture life through water:  You can become a part of serving the needy people by donating as much as you can for drilling of a borehole in a community or by sponsoring a community project. You can also start a fund raising campaign. Your little efforts could make all the difference in the world.

Choose life! Give water!


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