Sports impact opportunities for inclusion and contributes to community building, improvement of adolescent delinquencies, and promotion of community safety. Athletic competitions inculcate spirit among the children, youth, and adults to come forward for community participation. Looking at the future, it can be concluded that sports can act as the tool that will attract active participation and development among the masses.

Education is the stepping stone toward a successful economy; however, it is something that's not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Developing countries have children and adolescents who are not fortunate enough to attend school. Not getting the proper guidance leads to joining the wrong gangs and participating in illegal activities. To protect such lives from involving in the world surrounded by crimes, there is a serious need to implement sports development programs.

Just like education is much more than the classroom, sports is much more than a stadium. In the year 2003, the UN defined sports as "all forms of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being and social interaction, such as play, recreation, organized or competitive sport, and indigenous sports and games".

To bring fruitful development to a nation, sports can become a powerful tool for learning. By effective promotion of human values, discipline, tolerance, non-violence, teamwork, gender equality, and acceptance of rules, sports can serve as the driving tool behind human well-being.

Slum to League Football Academy

Scouting for novel footballers academy in Africa

It has been observed that a large proportion of disadvantaged youth is at risk of getting cut up in the societal vices for survival. On the other hand, some are far away from development due to a lack of care and opportunities. It would be beneficial to set up platforms that aim to find such individuals and keep them away from dangers. The life stories of these people are heart-wrenching. Though they have special talents and skills, they never get opportunities to showcase them.

Understanding these issues, we are passionate about implementing actions that reduce vices, save & improve lives and give hope to disadvantaged people across Africa.

We send scouts to slums across Nigeria to look out for talented footballers from disadvantaged backgrounds and recruit them into a team. They are then trained to polish their skills further and promoted globally to get better opportunities and shape their career. We provide sports scholarships to develop their educational pursuits likewise.

We believe in promoting the realization of equality for poor people to facilitate their significant inclusion in all aspects of life. To achieve this, we welcome everyone interested in joining hands with us in carving a prosperous and fortunate world for communities living below the poverty line. Our dream is to make Africa a country where every needy enjoys equal access to the necessities and can achieve their full potential.

Girls in Sports

Sports have always been a very important socio-cultural learning experience for boys and men. We believe in providing the same benefits to our daughters as well.

It has been surveyed that teenage girls who are active in playing sports are less prone to young pregnancy. Instead, they get better grades in school and graduate with flying colours. Besides, their confidence level is higher with low levels of depression. Not only this but they also possess positive body image and experience higher state of psychological well-being.

With the slum-to-league initiative, we are set out to find young females who are passionate about sports but belong to disadvantaged communities. After recruiting them into a team, we train them and help them attain global recognition through sports. This way they can promote and foster cultural exchange while promoting peace and unity. Nothing could be better than this to rid rural communities of youth and teenagers who roam around the streets and are prone to involve in vices in society.


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