Ripple Heights will assist the less fortunate in overcoming poverty and empower them to build up their communities to be better suited for social, environmental, and economic sustenance. We believe the deprived members of society possess the ability to build a brighter future for themselves when provided with the right tools and resources.
We work for the overall welfare of the poor with strong enthusiasm towards making positive change in these individuals and families' lives. With support from our volunteers, we work with the goal in mind of an ideal world void of poverty and hunger. In addition to this, we develop strategies and programs to eliminate the sorrows of those in need by introducing an improvement in various spheres of life.
Ripple Heights is involved with long-term development programs, response to emergencies, build the resilience levels of the less fortunate, and addressing the main causes of the
problems for those living below the poverty line.
Through an innovative approach, we pool resources together and nurture the future of poor African communities. Our members connect with people, boost their self-confidence and stand for their rights by aiding them to find their voice in the ever-expanding society. Ripple Heights reaches the extremely poor men, women, and children who are economically and socially impoverished.
Giving a promising future to talented people who are unable to showcase their skills is our passion. Be it sports or education, we help them come forward in every aspect possible. Last but not least, we go the extra mile where the need is greatest and immediate.


Ripple Heights is strongly determined to tackle poverty in the African continent via our special programs focused on understanding, investigating, and developing root communities. We envision a future where all individuals have access to decent living standards. Our members foster different ways to enable people to enjoy the necessities of life.

Each day we emphasize improving the livelihood of Africans who lack life's necessities. Our members understand the importance of keeping young men and women active so they do not fall prey to bad habits, helping them progress forward is of imperative importance. We also encourage Nigerians to actively participate in sports and education by providing them with better career opportunities.

Ripple Heights believes in developing plans that allow needy people contribute to decision-making roles in society. Be it education, clean water, healthcare, agricultural needs, we help these people to provide these essentials.

Irrespective of who you are or where you live. Ripple Heights has a promise to offer its assistance in whatever way it can.


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