Planning of Agricultural initiatives in rural Africa

Maintaining rural communities where farming is the chief economic activity, creating local employment opportunities and delivering economic, social and environmental benefits, it is extremely important to provide agricultural support.

Agriculture is the predominant use of land and a component of viability of rural areas. By acting as the pillars of employment, business opportunities, infrastructure and quality of the environment, agricultural activities make up the foundation of rural life. It is important to know that the extent to which farming represents a share of the rural economy and its relative importance as a sector, determines the potential economic contribution to rural development.

There are countries where farming is the primary source of income and acts as the support system for the entire population. Hence, it would be wrong to conclude that the overall social and political stability in such regions is directly connected to farming.

Talking about the economically developed countries, farming accounts for a minor part of a diversified rural economy. Moreover, in these countries agriculture is not counted as an essential element for national wealth.

Increase in agricultural production and the rise in the per-capital income of the rural community, together with the industrialization and urbanization, lead to an increased demand in industrial production.

Go Agro Initiative

Action Plan

The aim of this initiative is utilising agriculture as a means of increasing food production for the sustenance of communities using technological practices. Moreover, it is focused on enhancing large-scale farming by the production of raw and finished products for consumption as well as export. Best thing about this initiative is that it will create employment opportunities for rural people besides opening up markets in rural communities.

Our farms cover hectares of land and contribute to the projects been carried out. The community also benefits from structures that are constructed within the community for the improvement of living standards. This ultimately will create a ripple effect of development within rural communities.


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