Make safe & clean water available to all by setting up your personal fundraising campaign. Ask your family and friends to help the way they can. A good way to achieve the goal is replacing your birthday and anniversary gifts with donations. Instead of accepting expensive gifts, go for funds & donations and move a step close to the social cause. Try some part time activity or shop and fetch in some amount.



Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


Every donation made to Ripple Heights makes an enormous difference to the lives of rural communities. We depend on the generosity of people who support us in helping those deprived of a healthy life. To extend your support, feel free to donate as per your affordability as there is no parameter. Let us together make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of needy men, women and children.


Directing maximum and productive resources toward water projects gets easy with in-kind donations. We always look forward to like-minded people and appreciate their support. As reaching the aim is not possible without voluntary work from a lot of dedicated people, we welcome pro-bono services such as engineering, marketing, photography and more. Whatever big or small you have, feel free to donate and help us reach maximum people.

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